New Training Collaboration

Accuforge is now collaborating with Blue Griffin Consulting, LLC on NRA training

For further information contact Dwight Barnthouse at 443-852-4728 or

Contact for Gunsmithing Work

I operate as a part-time business and am usually either not around my personal phone or don't answer unknown numbers due to the dozens of SPAM calls that I get per day.

If you need gunsmithing services, please email the above address and I'll get back to you soon (usually within 12 hours). This is the most reliable way to contact me.

I try to wade through the many car warranty, Marriott Hotel, and refinancing voicemails every few days but it's much more reliable to email me.

NRA Training Counselor Certification Received

I'm now an NRA Certified Training Counselor and can do the following instructor training:

I'm planning to have some courses in the coming months

LASR Software Discount

I have been using this Laser Activated Shot Reporter software for a couple of months now and it is great! It allows me to get a lot more trigger time at home using any laser training gun or laser insert.

If you are interested, you can get a 10% discount on the LASR software by using the discount code:


LASR Website