Contact for Gunsmithing Work

I operate as a part-time business and am usually either not around my personal phone or don't answer unknown numbers due to the dozens of SPAM calls that I get per day.

If you need gunsmithing services, please email the above address and I'll get back to you soon (usually within 12 hours). This is the most reliable way to contact me.

I try to wade through the many car warranty, Marriott Hotel, and refinancing voicemails every few days but it's much more reliable to email me.

Handcrafted Gun Parts

Accuforge has metalworking tools, TIG welding equipment, and a 30W Fiber Marking Laser for making handcrafted parts and artistic firearm embellishment.

Please contact via the address below with a discription of your project

Example Gunsmith Work Pricing

Estimate for information purposes only - actual estimates only available upon in-person inspection of the firearm

All business is done by appointment (email with your needs and we'll set up an appointment) ususally weeknights and weekends

Many services performed while-you-wait or same-day

* Boresighting positions the sights / scope to "get you on the paper" but will require additional adjustment by the customer on the range.

Just email with a description of what you would like done and I'll give you a ballpark estimate (non-binding until I see the firearm in person)

Including photos is usually helpful.

Premises Address (Do not ship to this location):
485 Greenwood Street
Odenton, MD 21113

Examples of Gunsmithing Work

SKS Rifle Rusted and Pitted

Although some metal was pitted, the rust and corrosion was stripped(bead blasted) and partially re-blued to restore the rifle to function

Hi-Power Pistol Military Capture

Removed significant amount of dirt/crud from the pistol and remade/installed a new front sight.

These were originally staked-in sights and many of them fell off during battle use

Customized Glock 34 MOS

Installed: Trijicon RMR, ZEV Tech Adjustable Fulcrum Kit, Ameriglo Tritium Tall Suppressor Sights, TacRack Back Plate, and TALON Grips

The tall sights and RMR co-witness -- if the RMR fails then the sights are available as back-up.